Tuesday, August 18, 2009

...I just had the greatest idea!..
I am going to show you pictures of our
new home!...
Our son in law lived there for 6 months before they got married and 
after they got married one of their man friends was heard to say...
"well you can tell a girl lives here now!"
Any way our son in law doesn't seem to mind!
He was actually heard to say "pretty" the other day!
He saw our newest kitchen table and said to his new wife ...
"well this is a pretty table won't this one work @ our place?"
(they were told they could have whatever they wanted from our home)
and his new wife...said
"no..... I know what I want"
(what she wants is a round pedestal table painted black)...
so the hunt has been going on for a few weeks now and wouldn't you know it!..as soon as you need something ...it doesn't show up!
Well tomorrow we are going over to hang some pictures so we will take some pictures!
See you soon!...

Also please look at my newest 
"Worth taking A peek At"
Heather (I have mentioned her before) is the producer stylist I have been fortunate enough to work with on a few stories for magazines!
Her new blog is ...worth taking a peek at!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

....These pretty pink vintage "Rosa dishes are going to a new home!.... 
They are leaving my "Dish Pantry"
 (As seen in previous posts......and in Canadian House and Home April 08)
.....And are now  going to live at my 
dear friend Carols home!
She has lovely Tea Parties so I know they will "get out" a lot there!
 Carol has a beautiful cabinet her talented husband  built and 
 they will be on display when not in service! 
So today I am off to deliver  these delightful dishes!.....
Maybe Carol will let me take a few pictures !

Monday, August 10, 2009

....Another look at one of the benches.....
They made the trip home to our back yard!
And now the cats can lounge on them in the sun!
...They are so pretty!...
These are the urns 
That were bracing the bridal couple...
While they said their vows!
Now I will have to sell the benches...
Maybe they will go to another wedding! 
....Or look wonderful at the end of a bed!....

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