Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well...If you don't like

1.   Amazing Vendors
2.   Wonderful Historic Venues
3.   Quaint Villages
4.   Long line ups
5.   Great Shopping
6.   Talented Craftspeople
7.   Wonderful Antiques
8.   Beautiful displays
9.   Excited shoppers
10. Friendly People
11. Motivated buyers
12. Free treats
13. And the best organization .....

Then you might not want to have been @ The OLD SCHOOL MARKET

Put on by Lily & Rachel of Birch & Bird

We Canadians are a bit shy about self promotion, but that has to stop now! These girls are amazing!

Do Farm Chicks have to, because its not a competition!

Thanks to everyone who had a part in making this Market Great, Birch & Bird, ALL the Vendors!, The City Of Clayburn Village for supporting the community, Thanks to Ivory Vintage Market for getting the ball rolling....and to all the Folks who came out & made the day possible!

And a special thanks to my Family who where there, and those that weren't but wished they could!  my friends, my husband who had to go home for more "stuff", to restock the booth after the first hour! The Bloggers who came and said Hi, that was amazing to meet you all! And a HUGE thanks to my girl Shelley ...I could not have done it without you....Shelley you saved the day & made it so much fun....!

Thanks to Rachel & Lily for having the vision to start what I hope is an amazing new adventure for the area! To Rachel & Lily for being so organized, promotion, media!, beautiful signage, Love the sandwich smart!, yummy food, coffee & treats (where did those Lemon cupcakes come from???).

I know you want to see pictures, I had NO time to take any. But the professionals (and more organized ladies!) that did are listed here...
Birch & Bird, The Old School Market, Sari @ Definnative Arts.

So watch out for more from these amazing Girls!

Sincerly Colleen
Thanks to Sari for sharing these pictures!                         DefinnativeArtssection_id=70697

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vintage Sale, Old School Market

This is Clayburn Village

This was July 2010

My friends Carol &  Koralee, among others, came to visit us 
our booth in White Rock.

This saturday in 
Clayburn Village, Abbotsford

Lily & Rachel 

Are hosting a sale!

The collection of Vendors can be seen over

Saturday May 28th

9 a.m. -  4 p.m.

So many dishes to sell!
I will be selling dishes & cushions & collectables!

If you love beautiful drives and fun shopping 

take the time to visit us!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pretty White & Turquoise Chair

This chair was always pretty 
     but she needed a change!
           First  new makeup (colour). 

Then a new outfit!
Pretty Chair
All set for spring!
I am linking up with
I Love Pretty Little Things

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fridays Pretties & Patio

This is our very Pretty patio!
 I am linking up with Joyce  

Our back patio was used for a photo shoot produced & styled
photographed by Janis Nicola.

These pictures are a  few days after they left and with my sad picture taking.
It does not do justice to the fab job these ladies did!
There was a sisal rug....The shutters looked better....
The mirror on the right side wall is a wonderful way to deepen the garden & reflect light.
We  use mirrors everywhere!

The reason I am posting is that the magazine is no longer. 
But I am hopeful someone will adopt the story and publish it. So I can only show bits.

I reupholstered the furniture...very badly...sorry girls !
I need to redo it !

These are old living room "SWAG" lamps form the 70's (?)
They are a great amber colour.

The reason this picture is here is because these lamps are going to go to a farm house porch.
Powered up and hung one after the other over a long harvest table.
I will show you what that looks like when they go to their new home!

These lamps have been admired by many and could have been sold many a time, 
but I like the funky feel they add to the patio 

What do you think of these lamps hanging here?
Any ideas for  replacement?
Let me know!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Bit Of Turquoise

This is a pretty vintage turquoise necklace
I think I am going to have my very talented sister change it into a bracelet.

Then I will sell it at the The Old School Market on May 28th!
Tea Cups & Saucers on a shelf in our garden.
A This little turquoise chair I sold @ my last sale.

Aren't these the cutest bookends!

Wearing a Turquoise Cross Country Shirt....
Our youngest daughter
about 4 years ago when she first bought her horse! 

                                                                                                                                                                                               You have seen this mirror before but its worth a second peek!

 and this of all things TURQUOISE  TICKING!
Turquoise bedding!

I am drawn to this colour...
 is it because its fresh...sweet ...happy!

Are you drawn to this colour?...Can you explain the attraction to me?

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