Wednesday, February 25, 2009 post a comment you need to have a google or otherwise account....Thank you everyone for your feed back!....Colleen
HI...Went looking for treasures today and ....had to get home before the snow!...yep snow!...Here's a little pic of our front hall...Thanks to Shelley for the lovely Cyclamen to bring some spring to the house!....... A few friends were over last week and they found some treasures!......Go to my "worth taking a peek @" to" Koralee " to see!...I have to learn to take pictures like Koralee!....see you soon...Colleen

Sunday, February 15, 2009

P.S. ......Some of you have mentioned in your emails that you are not able to comment on my blog!...I will look into this ! Sorry soon .....Colleen
Good Morning!...It is so pretty out...Beautiful sparkling clear day!
The day after ValentinesDay!
I hope your day was fun!...We had horseback riding, YVR going, (for a friend from Winnipeg)! church and dinner out with friends!
7 girls and 1 boy came too..sitting in a different spot.....& I made Valentine treat bags for all (including our servers).
The food was great and the company the best!
Almost everyone came back for Bob decorated cupcakes, lattes or Passion Tea!
(I put espresso in the chocolate cupcakes and Bob made cream cheese icing!...I think I will deliver a few to G&T who had to go home!...if there are any left after breakfast!)

Today I have to go to Crecsant Beach ...yes again!..Love it there!
I need to choose paint colours for a cottage we are working on!
This charming place is hopefully going to be a before/after in a magazine article!
But regardless it is a sweet place at the beach....that is going to have a freshening up!
It is all about how to "get the look" with decorating and paint. No structural changes.
It was built over 80 years ago ...on the it will eventually be a tear down!

I will take my girls and their friends (the one from Winnipeg has only flown over the ocean)...and we will go for a walk on the "wall", prommanade ...whatever it is called!
Such a great day for the beach ...or anywhere in the Valley! Sun!

Well this week I will be working on our new "Studio"!
The stylist I have been lucky enough to work with on the magazine articles says there may be a "story" there. You know ...where you work...where the magic happens!
Well..... you know where we work is........on the pingpong table, the freezer, the floor...anywhere there is a flat surface!...All places that are in the way!!!
And then every piece, before it goes to its new home, takes up residence in our front hall, dining room, bedroom....anywhere there is floor space!
And I am always bumping into, vaccuming around & shoveing about the pieces Bob beautifully stransforms!
Plus it is so hard to say goodbye to them when they are so sweet and so visible!
So....with the weather warming up...soon...I feel we can do this in the garage for now. Its full of "before" furniture anyway!...And itss easy access to anyone that wishes to take a peek!
So I will unpack those collectables that are taking up storage space and display those pretty cushions I make!
Well I guess I better get going...I have a lot to do!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

......Tonight Bob I and friends along with 8 girls ages 17 - 20 are going to dinner....seperate tables ..they want a male waiter!..hahah!
.....Let me know what fun things you are doing today & tonight!............

This is a pretty picture of some Fire King White Dishes (as mentioned in Canadian House & Home April 2008)......I love the way everything looks great on white dishes......even little tiny cake decorating
And an old Victoria magazine! (yes I still have all my old ones..I love the clear pure photography)!
.......Hanging over a Linen chair is one of our many Vintage Linens ....this one with the initial "B" for Bob embroidered on it!......
Yesterday Bob and I went antiqueing and Cresant Beaching (work related)...what a beautiful day!..
We didn't find any treasures but had a great day......another time!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hi Everyone..........Just a wee note to let you know what we have been up to!
Bob has gotten a lot of pieces ready for new homes and I am almost ready to post the pics!...
Until then here are some shots similar to the ones take for the April edition of
Canadian House & Home 2008.
This is a picture of our pantry....I think in a lot of houses of our vintage (not!..15 years only...maybe one day I will live in a old house!)..the pantry is used to house food!
Our pantry started out holding food, but then.......
One summer about 10 years ago I took the girls to my sisters in Tulameen for a few days... and came home to a new room!
Bob had taken all the food out of the pantry and
put in our every increasing collection of dishes!
Thanks Bob!

About 5 years ago my sister Carolyn and I redid the shelves so they where closer together!
Thanks Carolyn!
That made more room......hmmm we could collect more!
Along the way pieces have been sold or given away.
Last year we had to spruce it up for the photo it got painted!
I love the colour but it could have been a bit stronger...It is a muted grey.

Sometimes colour doesn't always show up well in the photos!
Then we (our eldest daughter and I ) and then Bob, organized the dishes for the shoot (they did some changes)........and we went down to the storage room and opened some boxes!
So out came the Jadeite, Lenox and Blue Pyrex.
But thats anotherBlog!

These pictures where taken by our eldest daughter...she is quite good!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HI!......I am excited to tell about my day!..
It was a beautiful sunny day and Bob and I went to Vancouver.
A few coffees, snacks and .......... thrift store shopping! This consisted of Bob quickly grabbing the car door handle and saying..."I'm just going to run in here...". Of course I was doing my super job of concentrating on the road and didn't even notice the stores! We found a few treasures and will now start the clean up!
I will put the photos up soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just My Second Day!

I will be very sad to see this chair go is so pretty! Bob painted it and then we had it reupholstered in 100% Natural Linen (from Natural Textiles in Vancouver).
....hmmm now that I look at the picture I realize I should take off the cushion and post a new picture! The cushion is made from an antique linen with a beautiful embroidered scalloped edge, I lined it with 100% cotton muslin to give it body and strength, the insert is feather.

Well.........I am at the end of my second day of "Blogging"!........I want to thank Megan, and my two girls for helping me get started ! I know I have a lot to learn but I will eventually be able to do this by myself...except maybe for a bit of prompting and of course visual input!
Our furniture and collectibles have been in a few magazines and each editor that I talk to asks if we have a web site or a blog. The web site will be coming! I want to thank Heather (stylist for the magazine articles) as she encouraged me to start a blog. And for my nieces Meaghan and Megan for paving the way.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to the Vintage Home Blog!

Over 30 years ago we both were collecting antiques ! Bob had a contemporary look with well appointed antiques, and I was primitive country.

Twenty years ago we married each other and our two styles happily melded together .
We then began to collect as a couple! Wonderful pine armoires warm every room in our suburban home. Everybody sleeps in an antique iron bed, and antique dressers make storage friendly bedside stands.

We began with pine country pieces that worked well with more current sofas and chairs. Then we started to purchase upholstered pieces ( I brought a 3 piece 40s overstuffed set to the marriage). Together we reupholstered my set and recovered a beautiful Duncan Phyfe couch. We decorated our home and helped many friends with theirs.
Then the garage got too full to park the cars, and our basement storage room held more than Christmas!.
So, we had to start selling. New styles had began to strike our fancy and curvy frames, french style dressers, armoires & chandeliers started to grace our rooms. They are all so very beautiful and hard to decide which piece to part with! There is a lot of shuffling of furniture these days as pieces are purchased, spruced up and sent to live in a new home!
We believe if you see our pieces and like them in the photos you will love them in a special place in your home!

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