Sunday, December 30, 2012

Angels At Christmas & For The New Year

May Your 
New Year
Hold Grace & Love
For You & Yours

Best Wishes For 2013.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Vintage decanter for mouthwash!

Gorgeous Vintage Decanter

What to give the person who has everything!
Perfect for Christmas!

What do you keep your mouthwash in?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

the olde farmhouse


Just a quick reminder to go here!

The Olde Farmhouse at Christmas
You will find so much wonderful  Christmas ...and everything!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy week!
I am hoping to be a bit more active here & get to all your blogs, even tho I am still not able to comment on some blogs!
Hope you are having a great start to your week, it is raining like crazy here...but no earthquake & no hurricane!

We love mirrors here 
V I N T A G E   H O M E

And frameless bevelled ones are my favorite!

What are your favorite mirrors?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Poplar Market

Hi everyone...

If you are looking for a super fun activity on November 24, 2012, 

you need to click on.. 

Poplar Market
and find your way to great vendors, fun decor, yummy food!
A creative treat just in time for all your Christmas wants!
See you there!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quiet Day...

 Its a quiet day here @ home 
...but I am off to go to a late afternoon yard sale!
Cocktails & collectables!
I tried to have a nap...but only the pets got one!

Naps where taken in funny spots!

 Ah well these two look pretty happy...but I am the one going shopping for treasures!

How was your saturday...any thrifting for you?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

fall ferns

We live in the southwest corner of British Columbia.
An hour from Vancouver.
A 10 min drive to the USA border & 2 hours to Seattle.
So you know we get a lot of rain!

Our garden is in shade a lot of the day.
So we planted to compliment the lack of sunlight!

It has been glorious this last little while
just like September can be here!
Even in the beautiful sunshine tho we can feel the touch of fall.

Our hostas are starting to turn their big green leaves yellow and they and some of the ferns will soon be gone.
 I thought I would share a few last pictures 
of the garden in its 
pure green state!

How are you enjoying the last days of Summer? 
Are you & excited for the Fall!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Silver Cake Stand

The Silver Cake Stand 
We Bought For Our Daughters Wedding
Just Went To My Friend Kims Cake Decorating Business
To Be In A a 
Fall Wedding!

 L O V E

Our Pink Roses, Wexford Glass & Milk Glass

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cream Jug with gold & roses

I so appreciate all of you for popping by leaving a comment & sending emails.
Things are busy here!

A pretty jug with Roses Hydrangea Rosemary and something I can't remember, from our garden!

I hope this finds you enjoying your home & family & sunny weather!
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Front Porch

Our Front Porch

Before I start I just want to say I am sorry I have not been visiting you! 
My mom had a heart attack 
( she/we did not know she had heart problems) 
and quadruple by pass surgery!
She is home & on the mend. 
Thanks to all of you who have visited me & the emails you have sent to inquire what's up!
I truly appreciate all your support!

ALSO...I am having trouble commenting on some blogs...I truly am sorry but it seems the ones with a small box saying "comment as" are the ones I have trouble with!
Any ideas! 

Now our 
Front Porch!

I realize now that I did not dust..true sign of a non professional!
I also noticed I (my daughter) didn't (ask her to) take a picture of the whole porch, and front door!
So that can be another day.
We live in a subdivision and bought the house finished,
 barely able to choose anything.
I think the front porch is very pretty, great panelling.

We have had the mirror & chandelier out there for more than 10 years...this is actually not the first mirror, as they patina up so nice out there people want to buy them all crackled!
EVERYONE checks their hair in that mirror. 
(As we go to answer the front door, we can see through the beveled glass...shhh don't tell!) 
This sweet chair I bought last year @ Twig Home.
I love children's chairs!

The candleier ....was a chandelier that we just unwired 
(is that a word?) 
and stuck tea light holders in the sockets!
The paper boy has broken a few!
Well we think it was him!

This chair was on our back porch that you saw a few storys back.

The cushion is one of my favorites and yes you just saw it (perched on a chair for sale) last entry!
It is vintage bark cloth and I am crazy for it!
The ticking pillow is a winter pillow with button snow people on the back side!
Yes the cane still has a big hole in it behind the pillow!
I reupholstered the seat for the back porch (see it here) and there is a cat that loves this chair on the front porch so it is a dirty seat now!

Oh my see the dust...hahah! Isn't this the sweetest iron table!
The big urn (not vintage) is holding a store bought Hydrangea!

Whats your front porch like?
Do you have a chair on yours? How about a candleier!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I like 
 A few to be found at our booth

A ball of twine covered in a Rose crocheted doily.

These beauties our daughter took a picture of while in New Zealand!

Rose patterned Barkcloth Fabric I made into a cushion.

Are you having a Rose filled day!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy 3 year Anniversary

to my sweet daughter & her wonderful husband

It was 102 degrees for the ceremony, 
overcast for pictures,
rain hail & the most recorded lightening strikes ever for by the time the dance came around it was 100% humidity and we had a blast!
All day long!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Canadian Living Magazine, Patio

I have had the great pleasure of working with 
Producer Stylist 

 Canadian Living

has featured our back patio in their August edition, & all their staff have been so wonderful!
When you look at the before shot here you know we needed lots of vision to do a makeover!
We had the couch matching chair and the single chair as part of our stash for 
Vintage Home.
Although the furniture had great lines they needed my husbands painting magic (yes I did start to paint but he quickly could not stand watching me struggle & took over!...yeah!)
It was obvious that just draping a quilt over the couch was not going to hid the pretty lines & was not the colour we wanted! 
Why we felt we could handle a linen look couch that stays out all year I will never know! We do put a cloth over the seat at night (sometimes I remember!) & in winter it is covered completely, but many a neighborhood  cat uses it without our permission! 

The green velvet fabric had to go! 
I decided to recover it myself!
I am so thankful for a fabulous photographer & a styling genius!
I used curtain panels from Ikea! 
They where the colour & linen look I desired!
And the price we could afford!
They where washed & machine dried to cut down on any shrinkage!
I had no idea what I was doing!
I had never done this before!
 (this was befor all those wonderful tutorials on blogs) 

So I  laid the
 fabric down on the couch, kinda fitted it & cut!
Thank goodness for staples & glue!
The piping is over size & I like it that way! 
The truth is I needed it really wide to hide the mess underneath!
I am an okay sewer but close inspection will surely disappoint you!
They have held up pretty good over the past 5 years with all the abuse they get!

You can see all the changes that needed to be made!
We took the single lit lantern down & hung three other vintage amber lights, that we stripped of the wiring and used with tea lights!

The sea of vinyl siding was softened by using the vintage shutters from our dear friends old cabin.

The sisal is from Ikea.

The ceiling was painted a grey
slightly lighter than the posts.
The coffee table has never been brought in and it has chipped off paint to give it  wonderful patina!

The mirror stays out there all year (I think we have taken it in  once for the winter!)
I love the way it reflects the green and hides all the vinyl!

The cushions & coverlet I made from vintage table cloths.
I backed them with left over curtain fabric 
(that I used to upholster the furniture)
The cushion on the cane chair was sewn by a friend
with vintage trim & chenille.
For the coverlet I put in a flannel inter lining for body.

Bob does our planters & they are lush & beautiful! 
I love structure so most of the pots start with a boxwood or small cedar! Then coleus sweet potato vine creeping jenny and some ivy's!

We sell china & glassware 
@ Vintage Home 
& this is a stunning vase & glass jug!
The Ladies Mantle is from our garden, Heather brought the roses from hers!

These 70's hanging lights get a lot of attention!

The glass jug & amber glasses are Fostoria.
 We are crazy for amber glass & you can see a tiny pedestal in the background.

I am crazy for this picture!
It looks like a magazine pic...and it is!
 We use our patio a lot & are so thankful for it!
If you want to see more about this article
please check out August
Canadian Living Magazine!
Thank you again to everyone 

Canadian Living

Heather & Janis!
p.s. click here to go directly to the Canadian Living page!
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