Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pretty Frame & Platter

I Love Pretty Frames
Pretty China

Just a few items you will find at the ....

Rustic Romance Vintage Market 
Has an amazing list of Vendors!

We are getting ready  for March 7th!
Hope you can make it! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Rustic Romance Vintage Market

We are hosting a market!

By we I mean my family is very supportive!
My husband is my picker so he is the reason I do this!
I want to Thank, again, my daughters for this amazing postcard.
One daughter took the pic the other did the Graphics
They are such a blessing!

I am so excited about the 
Vendor List.
(list to be revealed soon!)

We are so happy for the return of our 
Vintage Vendors from last Market... 
And we are making room for a few more!
You will love what each and everyone of these 
Amazing Collectors has curated for this market!

We will be getting in the Spring mood 
and this date will launch us into 
a sweet time of year!

Decorating our homes with
a spring in our step 
and finding at market that 
perfect piece to add to the mix! 

Stay tuned for more announcements!
March 7th!

Pink Rose & Soap Bubbles!

We have a lot of cleaning up to do here 

Getting ready for our big


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