Friday, March 28, 2014

Milk Glass Flowers

F R I D A Y S   F L O W E R S 

I am always using this MILK GLASS vase.
I love the way its ruffled edge holds the blooms in place.

Todays blooms are my go to White Roses
From Costco.
(excuse the photo taken with my Iphone)

We are rounding the corner into Spring around here
The garden is going to be worked on this weekend
And soon I will be using my own flowers in this vase!

For a Milk Glass Vase of your own 
Check out our booth At the

Have a great weekend!
What plans do you have?
Will you be gardening?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Milk Glass Monday

Compotes are one of the
Milk Glass shapes
Always so versatile!

Great for Flowers
 Fruit Salad
Keys at the front door.

Its  Spring Break
here on the 
West Coast.
So Bob & I have 
Planned a few 
"Picking" days 
Thrift stores, Garage Sales
Places to find Milk GLass.
OR, you can save time & gas,
And come to our Booth

Friday, March 14, 2014

Kitchen Sink Roses

Friday...and flowers!
Next to our kitchen sink I have a tray
 and on it a lamp and then 
the rest of the items change, daily, weekly 
whatever my mood strikes.

Last week I mentioned my friend Lisa gave me roses and
these three blooms in a turquoise jar 
are just the perfect size for here.

Wonderful how just a few sweet flowers can
Brighten up a busy spot in our
I have a collection of White Ironstone
How fun is this jugs very curvy shape. 

The lamp is vintage and I love the
Chunky pieces of 

Will you have flowers in your Home
This weekend?
After a few glorious days of sun 
We are back to rain!
Flowers are our bright spot indoors!
Do you have 
Huge bouquets of flowers
Or tiny pops of blooms to brighten even the smallest corner?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Milk Glass Mondays

Milk Glass Monday

So Pretty 
Milk Glass 
Sitting on our Kitchen Table
Waiting to go to our 
Booth @

Friday, March 7, 2014

Wedding Cake Chandelier

Yeah its Friday!
Have a great weekend!

With so much to do I shouldn't be thinking of
changing the chandelier over our island.

But with a beauty like this just
hanging around waiting
to be permanently appreciated..
Why not!

I love the gold band!

 I have beautiful 
Chandeliers at our Booth 

What do you think about Chandeliers 
over kitchen islands?

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