Tuesday, September 28, 2010

White Wednesday!


I am linking up with everyone over @

Kathleen is so good to have us all!

This is some of our collection of

Milk Glass
These pieces are on the top shelf of our pantry.
(as seen in the April 2009 edition of Canadian House & Home)

Milk Glass comes in so many pretty shapes & sizes
I never get tired of it!
And I never get tired of seeing all the other
White Wednesdays!

OH! I just remembered this is my 100th post...wow ...I never thought this day would actually happen!...I was slow starting!
I think I will have to do a give away...but I don't know how so I will have to do some research!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn Everywhere!


Warm colours...

Amber Crystals
Wheat Tinted Linens
Ginger Striped Kitty .... Lola
(At the barn)
Golden Feather Cushions....
(Sleeping Grace in the den)
How do these colours make you feel?
Like Autumn?
For more Autumn colours go visit

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

White Wednesday!

I don't know what I am doing........
I hope this is ok....
I am trying to participate in
White Wednesday
(not sure if I have to be invited or if I have clicked on the right thing?)

My husband bought this
Jug & Basin
our first
Wedding Anniversary
I still remember where he got it from (now gone)
Yarrow Antique Store.
Its all
Very beautiful!

Now off I go to see more

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dressers!...We love them!

Don't you just love .....a great dresser!
Here are some pretty ones that have come & gone!
Some I wish I had kept!...
Like this one below that went to live with my friend Wynn.
LOOK at the cute feet!
This one is living at my friend Lindas beach cottage..
That you would have seen here.....July 9, 2010
Technically this isn't a dresser ..it's a vanity
But wow!..how curvey is she!
And because it has lots of storage..well its as useful as a dresser!
We like to use dressers beside our beds, in the livingroom...or as a hall table!
Bathroom vanities, diningroom sideboards..linen dressers....the list goes on!
Some people use them for clothes!
What do YOU use your dresser for!
p.s. all of these dressers where painted Benjamin Moore "Cloud White"

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bathroom Dresser!..For Fridays Pretties!

This is a picture of our pretty girls when they where younger...by about 15 years!......
I love anything square & this frame with the hearts around it is a favorite...
And of course the Pretties pictured inside!

I guess this qualifies as Fridays Pretties!
Joyce of
is so nice to organize this event!

This is the top of a dresser in my bathroom
(technically I could use this post on my Table Top Tuesdays!)

The glass dome usually has rings in it ...it was my Grandmothers!
The frosted powder holder next to it is from my friend Carol!...And yes that is mouthwash in the
Wexford Glass Decanter!
The cherub is on a frame that holds a mirror..broken for now!

This beautiful brooch is from my husband...we didn't have an engagement ring
(we have wide bands)...so he bought me this!
It is an antique and very beautiful...I actually lost the original (the clasp broke off my sweater)
and he replaced it for me...good guy!

These vintage vanity bottles
hold makeup applicators...
very usefull & so pretty!

Now off I go to see more Fridays Pretties!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Leaving for Australia

Fred will.......Jetta will........
Grace will.......

They will all miss our youngest daughter as she leaves for Australia in 8 hours.....
But nobody will miss her as much as her sister brother in law her dad & I .
Three months is a long time!
...But we know she is travelling with great friends and is a smart girl!.....
We are excited for her!...And eager for her return!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fridays pretties!

I hope you enjoy these pretty things for Fridays Pretties.........
Thanks to Joyce over @
Now off I go to see what other pretty little things there are out there!
p.s. have a great weekend!..its a holiday one here in CANADA....& Monday our youngest leaves for Australia!
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