Thursday, July 31, 2014

Roses from the Garden

Sorry the colours differ here but used my phone!
I am blessed to have a tiny tiny sun garden
4' by 20'
But I have the best roses!
And this is a wee bouquet
with Ladies Mantle
Queen Elizabeth Roses 
and a few others that I 
dont remember!
But lovely to look at and so fragrant!

What's important to me is disease resistance
(we don't use anything but sometimes I wash them with kitchen soap)
colour and fragrance.

I just LOVE these flowers!

What's your favorite flower in your garden right now?
Do you pick them to bring inside!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Crescent Beach Cottage

Years later this is still a favorite spot for me
A friends beach home
Photography by Janis Nicole 
Styling by Heather Cameron
Design By!
Vintage Home! 

I am still in love with the colours
in this sweet home!
The breeze in the simple white curtains
and the wonderful pieces of furniture!

Hope you are having a great Summer!

We carry vintage bedding
chandeliers furniture 
and more

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