Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Golden Couch

Well ....this is a great couch that I have been wanting to recover!...(for those of you who think it looks great as is, the fabric is very nasty!)....I would like to do it in a grey or cafe brown velvet ((so if we decide to I could put it in the living room with the other brown velvet one!))...It is a great shape and size!...wonderful for my 6'1" husband Bob to take naps on!...I will paint the frame black and change the cushion arrangement to one large feather/foam one. We do this to all our redo's and it is so contemporary!....Wait for future postings ....I am off to pick up another couch now ...this next one is very Frenchy with lots of tufting!.......Colleen


koralee said...

Love the color she is right now!!!! What fun...i can vision the beauty of her covered in velvet....make sure you show us a photo when she is all dressed and ready to go!!!! OH..also love the pillows she is wearing today.

koralee said...

colleen...check out my blog...a special award is waiting for you....xoxox

Beach Vintage said...

I adore those cushions too. Good luck with the re cover.

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