Thursday, July 16, 2009

...Trying to catch up!

Hi Everyone....
I know I am terribly delinquent!...I will try to be more like the lovely Koralee @ Blue Bird Notes!...and keep things fresh!

Well ...we are getting ready for our beautiful daughter Kellys wedding and will have some lovely pics to share along the way...but for now I will just show some treasures!..
Hope this finds you all so very well...
& Thanks to Carol Sharon & Koralee for keeping me inspired!
...and motivated!

These lovely tables where painted for a charming cottage in Crescent Beach!
The cottage is going to be in Style At Home.....probably next spring or summer!
So very sweet !...


megan edelman said...

welcome back :)

megan edelman said...

hey, next time i am there, remind me to change the setting of your photo uploads...they need to be bigger :)

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