Thursday, September 13, 2012

fall ferns

We live in the southwest corner of British Columbia.
An hour from Vancouver.
A 10 min drive to the USA border & 2 hours to Seattle.
So you know we get a lot of rain!

Our garden is in shade a lot of the day.
So we planted to compliment the lack of sunlight!

It has been glorious this last little while
just like September can be here!
Even in the beautiful sunshine tho we can feel the touch of fall.

Our hostas are starting to turn their big green leaves yellow and they and some of the ferns will soon be gone.
 I thought I would share a few last pictures 
of the garden in its 
pure green state!

How are you enjoying the last days of Summer? 
Are you & excited for the Fall!


Sherri B. said...

Your yard is so luscious, I can practically feel the cool breeze right now. Some people complain of shade but I would rather that than all sun like we have at Little House, there is no hope to have the beauty of your yard. xo

vintage grey said...

Your yard is stunning, and so beautiful! I could spend all day there looking at all that pretty green!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

It's me said...

I love fall...but i hate winter.....but the most i love spring and summer....your garden looks wonderful.......did you see my turqoise post ??? love love

Sheila @sZinteriors said...

Your yard is gorgeous! I love hostas... But apparently so do the deer. They have completely devoured my yard this year including all things they're not supposed to like! So I'm actually very ready for fall, because I can get cracking on cleaning up what's left out there, and not feel bad about what's not!

Gloria said...

Hi Colleen!

Your garden is gorgeous! I love all of the beautiful greens. Very magical!

I hope you and your family are doing well. I am off (tomorrow) to travel again to go visit my parents. My dad fell, broke his femur, had to have surgery. He is in a rehab center now, learning to walk again. My mom is still going through radiation treatments. Going out to try and help!

Blessings and prayers to you for a lovely day! :)


harmony and rosie said...

I'm ready for Autumn now, it's definitely on its way. I love your corner of the world, rain or no rain!

Lady Pamela said...

Hi Colleen,
I am in love with your garden. I am just not good with plants. :(
Who does all the work? lol

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

Your garden is so amazing Colleen. Do you want to come make some magic in mine? ;)

Landbohaven said...

Jeg kom bare lige forbi.
Gode billeder.
Tak for kigget.
Ha´ en dejlig dag.

Mitzi said...

Beautiful images! I gave up on my garden this summer because of lack of rain. I don't think you had the same issues where you live....

Martina said...

Your garden looks splendid! I love the combination of box and ivy and funkier (last picture, maybe in english, they have a different name!) Have a happy weekend!

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