Wednesday, January 25, 2012

White Wednesday & Candelabras

Bob makes the best Candelabras.
I love them, my girlfriends have bought them....
I have taken them to 
our booth
Vintage Home 

They are made from old lamps & chandelier parts!
Some he leaves brass or silver & some he paints

Linking up to 
W H I T E  W E D N E S D A Y

Tell me ...what do you think of them?


Sherri B. said...

Love the glam! Really like the idea over on your sidebar, of using an ole smoking stand..I have often passed those up thinking there should be 'something' that could be done with them...very nice ideed! xo

miabellavintage said...

I like them a lot! Good Job.

It's me said...

Ohhhh thay are beautiful !! from

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Very talented husband.

Edins House said...

They're beautiful and extremely special Colleen! Your fella does such terrific work!!!

Julie Khuu said...

I love that idea! Especially with the little blinged-out baubles hanging from the a mini version of a gorgeous vintage chandelier! Total DIY worthy!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute said...

They are lovely! Reminds me of a set that my mom used to have...They had gold cherubs holding up the candle pedestal with crystals hanging down. Quite pretty. I wonder what ever became of them...

raggygirlvintage said...

I love them all, but the one in the photo:-)

Danielle Hardy said...

How lucky are you!!! these are so gorgeous!! Love the white ones :)

Barbara Jean said...

oooooh! yuuuummy! =)

barbara jean

kingstongirl said...

I want some as well :) They are so beautiful. What a great great idea!

blackheartbetty said...

I think I need one. :)

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I think that they are very creative, and equally beautiful. The crystal pieces add so much. Your husband has quite the eye for taking something old and making it new and wanted!!!

Pinecone said...

It looks so glamorous!!

miss flibbertigibbet said...

I love them! Bob knows what he's doing!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Colleen - I was just reading your Vintage Home profile and the Village Antiques Mall official blog page has changed and it is now


and the web page it is linked to is


That is where you will see random great pictures of your booth (as well as from every other booth in the mall).

The other web page is still active as well so it gets a bit confusing. They all interlink from my blog page as well.



I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Ohhhh!! I love them! And I visited the link to your booth. I wish that I was close enough to stop in and take lots of time to look around. Lovely!

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

absolutely beautiful! :) love

J. Beaudet said...

I love them! They're beautiful!

megan edelman photography said...

I love mine too! Sits right by my bed :)

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