Monday, February 13, 2012

Roses...Are Red .....or Pink!

Roses are Red...or Pink

Aren't these great Valentine Roses!
 they will last forever!

We (Bob) found this picture garaging!
Trouble is I don't have a lot of red in our home...
Should I get my very talented sister to change the roses to pink...or sell it!

I am crazy for the frame & the shape,
So of course I want to keep it!

So red or pink what do you think?


Vicki said...

Really, she can paint the roses? Love the frame. Hey if you love my inspiration holder visit Petite Michele Louise. She makes them for her shop. Have a great week

Sherri B. said...

I would keep it and try out the red might find just the spot for that shock of red. Happy Valentines to you friend! xo

Scarlett Clay said...

That's beautiful! I never find any cool stuff at garage sales...still waiting to find that million dollar antique for fifty cents. :) I think a splash of red looks good anywhere, hope you can find a home for it!

A Ruffled Nest said...

Wow I can't believe that is a garage sale find!
I say KEEP!


trash talk said...

I happen to love red and pink together, so I say see if it can cohabitate as is!

Sherri B. said...

I just thought of you, and the comment I left about a shock of color, when I saw this blog post. Thought I'd share..


Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I would definitely keep it! If the red doesn't work and you have an amazing artist willing to transform it to fit your home then do it:)

Gloria said...

It is beautiful! I can handle red for a little while, but then it is too much color for me. I would say, go for the pink. If it was me, I would paint the roses pink,,,and paint the frame white shabby chic...:)

It is a lovely painting either way!

Happy week to you!

Nezzy said...

I'd keep the red roses and put a white crackle finish on the frame.

'Just sayin'....

What a great buy...forever roses!

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day sweetie.

God bless and enjoy your treasure!!! :o) said...

Nice find! Why not try it as is for a while? You never know...the red might grown on you! Then if not...have your talented sister transform it. :)

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

If you have your sister that is an artist, I would totally keep it if I were you. The frame is to die for. Are you going to keep the gold or paint it?

koralee said... my is lovely. xoxo

Pinecone Camp said...

Don't do it! Keep the red, sister ;)
Have a lovely weekend. Hope to see you again soon.

Rob Hunt said...

Hi Colleen. Joy(vintagegreen) bless her heart, deleted my Linky followers today. If you visit can you 'click' to get back on? Thanks.

Kellie Collis said...

It's a lovely piece! Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

Martina said...

Go for pink - that will be fun! Why not lighten it up a bit? Yes girl!

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