Friday, April 6, 2012

White desk

Pretty White Desk
W H I T E  W E D N E S D A Y

How could this be transformed from...This!

I received an email from a lovely fellow blogger
Who lives about 20 minutes from me.
Her name is Pamela.
She was looking for a certain size desk!
I happened to have one!
Pamela did the transformation, we had sanded and she did the painting
and embellishing!
What a wonderful job Pam did!
You should see all her lovely handiwork on her blog..

p.s. doesn't her bedroom look dreamy!

Thanks Pamela for these lovely transformation pictures!

Very fitting for the season. A fresh & new beginning.


It's me said...

It is beautiful !!!..happy easter weekend love from

vintage grey said...

It is so beautiful!! Have a blessed Easter!! xo Heather

Kellie Collis said...

It's a lovely desk! Such a divine transformation. Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

Anonymous said...

Colleen, what a great Blog you have, good Job! Thank you for coming over to my blog. Now,about the ruffler, what type of machine do you have. Sometimes all you need to know if your machine is low, high or slant shank and rufflers are made for all types of machines. Email me if you have any questions. Terri

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I think it's nothing less than astonishing what a little white paint can do! What a charming transformation. I'm so glad to know you came by! Love white wednesday!

Lady Pamela said...

Thank you for the nice post, Colleen. I just need to tell you that I didn't do the work, my dear Dad did. He is such a sweetheart. I ask him to make something - and he gets right on it. I am so blessed.

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

Wow, it's like night and day!!! Looks great!

luci wallis said...

So very cute... I just started painting furniture and may never buy anything new again!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Oh my ........ isn't she the cutest thing ever. Lovely.

Tamara Jansen said...

Nothing like a beautiful clean white finish!

Anne said...

Love the newly painted desk.

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