Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quiet Day...

 Its a quiet day here @ home 
...but I am off to go to a late afternoon yard sale!
Cocktails & collectables!
I tried to have a nap...but only the pets got one!

Naps where taken in funny spots!

 Ah well these two look pretty happy...but I am the one going shopping for treasures!

How was your saturday...any thrifting for you?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

fall ferns

We live in the southwest corner of British Columbia.
An hour from Vancouver.
A 10 min drive to the USA border & 2 hours to Seattle.
So you know we get a lot of rain!

Our garden is in shade a lot of the day.
So we planted to compliment the lack of sunlight!

It has been glorious this last little while
just like September can be here!
Even in the beautiful sunshine tho we can feel the touch of fall.

Our hostas are starting to turn their big green leaves yellow and they and some of the ferns will soon be gone.
 I thought I would share a few last pictures 
of the garden in its 
pure green state!

How are you enjoying the last days of Summer? 
Are you & excited for the Fall!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Silver Cake Stand

The Silver Cake Stand 
We Bought For Our Daughters Wedding
Just Went To My Friend Kims Cake Decorating Business
To Be In A a 
Fall Wedding!

 L O V E

Our Pink Roses, Wexford Glass & Milk Glass
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