Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fabric & Sewing

I have some sewing projects on the to do list!
I actually am very excited about it!
One item is a baby blanket....


But I don't know if I am doing a boy or a girl one!
I will let you know when I know!

What creative items are you working on? 


Auntie Bliss said...

Ooo! You'd better make both, then you'll be prepared to gift.
I love chenille.

vintage grey said...

Those are some pretty fabrics!!! Looking forward to seeing your blanket!! Have a wonderful week!! xo Heather

It's me said...

A baby ??? love from

harmony and rosie said...

Sounds all very exciting!
I'm knitting a cardigan for ME !

Heather Cameron said...

Creating a pie making video. Pretty fabrics Colleen. I can't believe you're going to be a gramma

Anonymous said...

ooohhhh....I'm happy for you....can't wait to see which one you'll have to do....

thanks for sharing your sweet post.

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

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