Monday, January 20, 2014

Tea Cups

 I have been nursing a cold 
And Tea seems to be a great 
(for a while)
Of the symptoms!

And Tea Cups seem
To make 
The Whole
More Soothing!
V I N T A G E  H O M E
Has a great selection of 
Tea Cups 
At Our Booth!

Visit us at


Sherri B. said...

So sorry you have a many are suffering with a nasty bug right now. Hope you get back to normal soon.

I used to collect teacups on a regular basis but haven't bought a new one in some time. Perhaps I lost interest because of having so many and not coming across many new and unusual ones. I do spy 2 in your photo that I haven't seen before. Kind of makes me want to go back on the hunt again.

Someday you will be surprised when I actually show up at your booth! xo

It's me said...

Hope you feeling better soon your tea cups very much !!! from me...Ria...x !

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