Friday, February 28, 2014

Winter, Snow And Roses. Flowers For Friday!

Here on the West Coast
We don't get a lot of snow and it doesn't stay for long.
But we had a bit this past week and it
stuck around! 

One of our cats, Grace, had a good look at it but she is 15 and rarely leaves the house on a warm day! 

My friend Lisa bought me a beautiful bouquet of Roses,
I love the way they look with my turquoise tea light holders 
and rose covered bark cloth cushions!

A small paper weight from Winners makes an appearance,
Just cuz I like it!

The lantern is from my dad & mom.

WE are able to get these pretty Roses from a big box store...ok Costco!
And why not, I can get them to live at least 2 weeks and they are so pretty!
And just the touch we need when the sparkling snow turns to mud!

Where do you get your winter flowers from?


It's me said...

Lovely !!!!...have a nice Ria...x !

Sherri B. said...

I usually get my flowers from my hubby and he just gets them at the grocery store. I love the flowers at Costco but never picked any up because didn't know how they would last..thanks for letting us know that it is 2!

Looks like we may get more snow this strange.

Have a lovely weekend my friend. xo665854651948

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you dear for stopping by, and leaving a message comment that charms my heart.

What a picture window of beauty here, and flowers always brighten a day in your case a week or so.
We never really get snow here as well but on a extra cold year it will surprise us and come down out of the mountains of our California deserts and freeze with a flurry of snow. Strangely our worst winter months wait until spring to chill us out, we will get surprising snows, hail, and high winds.

See you soon beautiful and all the beauty you inspire.


Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

I like everything on your tray that paperweight is great and the roses are lovely it's always nice when someone thinks of you and gives you flowers.

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