Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Teacup Tuesday....Teaparty

Our daughter had a Tea Party for a friend.
The pretty dishes are a beautiful pattern that I collect.
 The teapot is by Sadler, 
and I sell these sweet teapots at our booth,

The Tea Party was last year and the roses Lady's Mantle and ferns where from our garden.

These cupcakes are home made and 
where very yummy!

 Isn't this Teapot adorable...love the Pink and Gold together

I love the way our daughter layered another pattern under the Old English Rose set.
The bottom plate is a small set I have
Made by Myott.

When my friends are over I tend to make them a Latte and we visit...
I am so glad our girls love to have fun with our dishes!
Are  you a Tea Party entertainer?


Cathy Vargas said...

That's lovely :)

Cathy Vargas
Vintage Girls

Vintage Home said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your sweet comment!
Now off to visit your blog!

culturafemenina said...

That is lovely! ...how sweet tea party to joy.

Burlap Luxe said...

This is so sweet that your girls are tea-party girls! So was my Hannah, and still is. We here mix patterns as well, but now having so much neutral we mix up the whites and creams. I use to have so many china patterns vintage, antique, and new and love entertaining a sweet afternoon tea, and of course something tasty to eat.
Your girls did a beautiful job setting up their tea party and the mini cakes look so yummy.

Thank you sweet friend for taking time to visit and I want to tell you the chest of drawers was a find of all finds. It had a very dark stain on it and in the best beautiful shape, almost felt new but it was a older piece, I stripped it down primed it, and painted it white, I did not talk about it because I have a bit more to do to it, it has 6 long shallow drawers I love this about it, there is 6 legs on it and it looks like two chest of drawers pushed together :)
I bought it the second my eyes laid apon it for $62.00 dollars at our local thrift, I was shocked and could not wait to get creating. It has been painted and sitting in my home for two years now and I have yet to tire of its unique beauty.

Keep encouraging those tea parties, it's a lasting memory they will hold dear.

Beautiful pieces that inspire.

It's me said...

Tea is not my favorite ....but capucinno is.....love the tea party with all the goodies and sweeties...lovely week darling...love Ria...x !

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