Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I know I am a whole day late...and then some!...for
Thanks Sarah, from Puppy Dog Tales, for keeping me motivated!
These are an example of the wonderful Candelabras
my sweet talented husbands puts together!
These where lamp bases and he added very sparkly crystal from an old ceiling light...
The long ones are to die for!
The jug is one of the many rose ones we find & sell!
Everyone loves a jug ...and with roses too!
I wish this honeysuckle was mine...its from my friend Vicky's arbor.
It is so highly scented and makes the kitchen
smell wonderful!
If I don't get back before the weekend Happy Canada Day tomorrow!


LuLu said...

How lovely!!! Happy Canada Day!!

koralee said...

More proof that points to the fact that you have one talent husband...these are amazingly lovely. Sending you many blessings for an amazing Canada Day...I am still in my apron baking for it.

efoubister said...

I agree, beautiful! You and hubby make a great pair....

Colin and Sarah said...

beeeautiful! I've always loved your table tops! I love whie and rose together! sooo pretty! Colin doesn't allow me too much pink around here, will have to sneak some in!

Rosie said...

Hoping your Canada day celebration was full of this table top...Rosie

Laura said...

love the pink candles and the candelabras are so beautiful, love mine that I bought from you, thanks

Ruth said...

love the honeysuckle too - come and visit and I will get some from Melinda and put it in your room!!

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