Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Just another Tuesday at the kitchen table!
Bob got this wacky candle holder...not very old...@ a garage sale, but it looks great!
It comes apart & the join has a plastic seal...the bottom says
Made In Italy!
Do any of you know where its from?
I think it might be a home party piece?
I know it won't be around for long ...old or not it is going to go home with a newer owner!
The old creamer & sugar set is mine & I found these two pieces years ago about 4 miles apart & 2 months apart??? ...But they are a set!
The sweet milk glass piece is part of our huge inventory that we sell,
I think it must be a candy dish.
It looks great here with the acidy green candle!
The jug is from Fanny's Fabrics ..years ago!...But I love it like it was an heirloom!
(you can get a look alike @ Super Store...when they have them!)
The Hydrangea & Lady's Mantle are mine and this is a great year for them!
Have a great day...we are getting SUN today!...
Again thanks to Sarah...& my youngest!


Laura said...

Hi Colleen, I love your tuesday table tops, lots of great ideas, the flowers are so nice and the green candle is perfect

koralee said...

Just having my morning tea and visiting all my sweet friends. Love your blues and greens over here today.
Was in Seattle yesterday and picked up some treasures for my home.
Have a great day and Yes the SUN is SHINNING! {what an odd sight!}

cranberry cottage said...

I can't believe that lady said she would call the police! I would have totolly freaked out! Then got in the car and hid in the basement!

cranberry cottage said...

Is the tall blue glass thing you are referring to as a wacky candle holder? I like it alot!!

Beach Vintage said...

I love the old cream and sugar set, it is so sweet!

June said...

Hi Colleen I love your beautiful hydrangeas paired with the lady's mantel.
I don't think there is anything prettier than lady's mantel as a filler in a bouquet. Your blog is just gorgoeus. I want to thank you for putting me on your bloglist. How sweet of you to do that!
I hope it's okay that I add you to mine!

Evi said...

Love the creamer and sugar bowl, and yes, this year is great for hydrageas and lady's mantel.
I just found out, that our woodchuck likes lay's mantel and unfortunately much more!
Hope you don't have a heat wave like we are having on the east coast. All we do is water.........
LOL, Evi

Rosie said...

oh..I do love your pretty bouquets...always such whimsy...rosie

Ruth said...

once again - beautiful - and i got to see this table top in person - I am lucky and always love to come to your house!

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