Saturday, May 25, 2013

Front Hall Dresser...Fake Peonies

On a pine dresser in our front hall
I always like to have cut flowers or a plant.
Now there are lots of beautiful flowers out there right now.
But sometimes I have in between times, and sometimes these fake peonies come out.
(These postcards are so sweet too aren't they!)

This is also fake Lavendar, 
 I just saw some real topiaries of this delightfully scented plant at the grocery store so tomorrow I will be getting that!

I also have a candle on the dresser and usually in a better container than this!
And a piece of our Chinese Import Pottery.

We are having sun this weekend!

Have you any special plans?


Nantucket Daffodil said...

It's fun to have little traditions in our homes! Happy for your sun! We are having rain today, clearing tomorrow, and full sunshine Monday! I will take it!

Sherri B. said...

I love that you use fake flowers!! I have seen many that are very real looking like yours and have been tempted to pick some up but didn't know if I would be 'ticketed' by the decorating police. Now that I see you have blazed that trail for me with such style, I will proudly purchase and display.

Enjoy the sun this weekend. xo

June said...

I loved your comment so I had to run right over and see your fake peonies! And if you hadn't told me they were fake I would have never guessed :) I see we share the same love for vintage rose postcards. I love to look for them when I am at the sales. I love how you are drawn to the softer shades too. I have a few that have bright red roses on them and they only come out at Christmas.
Having a hall table is something I would love to have, but I would probably just junk it up with stuff I 'think' I need at my disposal.
hugs from here...

It's me said...

Lovely !! plans for today...visit some friends.....and doing nothing...lazy sunday

vintage grey said...

Gorgeous peonies!!! They are such a beautiful flower! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xo Heather

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