Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just My Second Day!

I will be very sad to see this chair go .......it is so pretty! Bob painted it and then we had it reupholstered in 100% Natural Linen (from Natural Textiles in Vancouver).
....hmmm now that I look at the picture I realize I should take off the cushion and post a new picture! The cushion is made from an antique linen with a beautiful embroidered scalloped edge, I lined it with 100% cotton muslin to give it body and strength, the insert is feather.

Well.........I am at the end of my second day of "Blogging"!........I want to thank Megan, and my two girls for helping me get started ! I know I have a lot to learn but I will eventually be able to do this by myself...except maybe for a bit of prompting and of course visual input!
Our furniture and collectibles have been in a few magazines and each editor that I talk to asks if we have a web site or a blog. The web site will be coming! I want to thank Heather (stylist for the magazine articles) as she encouraged me to start a blog. And for my nieces Meaghan and Megan for paving the way.

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megan edelman said...

awwww. you're so very welcome :)

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