Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to the Vintage Home Blog!

Over 30 years ago we both were collecting antiques ! Bob had a contemporary look with well appointed antiques, and I was primitive country.

Twenty years ago we married each other and our two styles happily melded together .
We then began to collect as a couple! Wonderful pine armoires warm every room in our suburban home. Everybody sleeps in an antique iron bed, and antique dressers make storage friendly bedside stands.

We began with pine country pieces that worked well with more current sofas and chairs. Then we started to purchase upholstered pieces ( I brought a 3 piece 40s overstuffed set to the marriage). Together we reupholstered my set and recovered a beautiful Duncan Phyfe couch. We decorated our home and helped many friends with theirs.
Then the garage got too full to park the cars, and our basement storage room held more than Christmas!.
So, we had to start selling. New styles had began to strike our fancy and curvy frames, french style dressers, armoires & chandeliers started to grace our rooms. They are all so very beautiful and hard to decide which piece to part with! There is a lot of shuffling of furniture these days as pieces are purchased, spruced up and sent to live in a new home!
We believe if you see our pieces and like them in the photos you will love them in a special place in your home!


megan edelman said...

cute blog!

koralee said...

what a beautiful blog fellow blogger...I am hooked and it is so much fun!!!!I will add you to my list! Are any of these items for sale...I love love love the rose prints....happy blogging.

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