Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Morning!...It is so pretty out...Beautiful sparkling clear day!
The day after ValentinesDay!
I hope your day was fun!...We had horseback riding, YVR going, (for a friend from Winnipeg)! church and dinner out with friends!
7 girls and 1 boy came too..sitting in a different spot.....& I made Valentine treat bags for all (including our servers).
The food was great and the company the best!
Almost everyone came back for Bob decorated cupcakes, lattes or Passion Tea!
(I put espresso in the chocolate cupcakes and Bob made cream cheese icing!...I think I will deliver a few to G&T who had to go home!...if there are any left after breakfast!)

Today I have to go to Crecsant Beach ...yes again!..Love it there!
I need to choose paint colours for a cottage we are working on!
This charming place is hopefully going to be a before/after in a magazine article!
But regardless it is a sweet place at the beach....that is going to have a freshening up!
It is all about how to "get the look" with decorating and paint. No structural changes.
It was built over 80 years ago ...on the it will eventually be a tear down!

I will take my girls and their friends (the one from Winnipeg has only flown over the ocean)...and we will go for a walk on the "wall", prommanade ...whatever it is called!
Such a great day for the beach ...or anywhere in the Valley! Sun!

Well this week I will be working on our new "Studio"!
The stylist I have been lucky enough to work with on the magazine articles says there may be a "story" there. You know ...where you work...where the magic happens!
Well..... you know where we work is........on the pingpong table, the freezer, the floor...anywhere there is a flat surface!...All places that are in the way!!!
And then every piece, before it goes to its new home, takes up residence in our front hall, dining room, bedroom....anywhere there is floor space!
And I am always bumping into, vaccuming around & shoveing about the pieces Bob beautifully stransforms!
Plus it is so hard to say goodbye to them when they are so sweet and so visible!
So....with the weather warming up...soon...I feel we can do this in the garage for now. Its full of "before" furniture anyway!...And itss easy access to anyone that wishes to take a peek!
So I will unpack those collectables that are taking up storage space and display those pretty cushions I make!
Well I guess I better get going...I have a lot to do!

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Jeanneoli said...

Can't wait to see the before and after pics. Those are always the best and very inspiring.

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